Policies & Regulations

David Lloyd – Rules For Non-Gym Members

David Lloyd will allow access to the club for non-members (who are customers of Emily Baker School of Dance) for 10 minutes prior to, and 10 minutes following any Dance Class taking place there. Upon arrival at the club you must sign in on the appropriate register, located in the EBD folder at reception. If you have more than one sibling/class taking place you are permitted to stay on site in between the classes. We also remind you that these studios are located within a Private Members Gym. This means that you must use the changing rooms provided to change before and after classes, all parents are to wait in the cafe area during classes and collect from outside the studio promptly as the class finishes.Children are expected to behave well at all times whilst on site. No watching is permitted through studio windows and strictly no use of the gym facilities including the gym or swimming pool areas/racquet courts.

Non-member activity will be carefully monitored and we ask you to adhere to these rules and represent the school in keeping with the above, or you may be asked to leave the club and we will no longer be allowed to offer you access to the fantastic studio facilities or dance classes held there.


Payment of fees

Fees for dance classes are paid termly, in advance (excluding holidays) in accordance with the local School terms. There are 3 terms per year.

Some classes are a little more expensive due to being longer in duration, the cost of the venue being used or the age of the pupils.

Invoices are given out in class at least two weeks prior to the new term commencing. You can make your payment directly online, or by cheque. A £7.50 surcharge will be added to your bill for late payments which arrive after the end of term deadline.

Notice Policy

The School requires 1 full terms notice should you wish to withdraw from lessons. This is to allow for planning in terms of class numbers/sizes. In order to give your notice an email must be written to the School at least 1 term before you wish to leave. Upon joining the School you are required to sign a Registration Card which also states the School notice policy.